The CCS Art Major is a program for self-motivated students who are committed to careers in the visual arts.  They are admitted to the program on the strength of their portfolios, application essays, letters of recommendation and academic performance.  CCS art majors usually experiment across a range of media and take classes in the Department of Art and the Department of the History of Art and Architecture as well as at CCS. They also have access to courses in the graduate program in Media Arts and Technology. To complete the CCS art program students must continually produce significant studio work, as well as successfully complete coursework devoted to historical and contemporary concepts, methods and movements in art.
CCS Art is not an "Honors" program (though CCS art majors often make up half the number of participants in the Honors Program of the Art Department in the College of Letters and Science). Rather it is a context and course of study for carefully selected students, many of whom fit the profile of overall high-achievers. Others are particularly focused students with intense creative preoccupations and goals who want to study and work in a locus of intimate support and challenge. Students choose CCS for two apparently contradictory reasons: they want the maximum of freedom and they want the maximum of guidance and they get both because they are treated from the beginning as uniquely motivated adults. They are artists among artists.

Some Practical Aspects of Studying at CCS

CCS art classes are much smaller than ordinary university classes, generally with seven to twelve students. There are approximately twenty-eight art majors in the program at any given time.
All CCS students are issued keys to the CCS building, the studios and the computer lab, allowing twenty-four hour, seven-day access.  Juniors and Seniors are assigned personal studio space, and first and second year students may work in the teaching studios whenever there is no class in progress. CCS students have access to well-equipped, expertly-supervised wood and metal shops in the Department of Art.
Within CCS, past and present courses in art include Figure Painting, Experimental Drawing, The Narrative Portrait, Flowers (botanical illustration), Religion and Contemporary Art, Drawing, Painting and the Photograph, Writing About Art, Artists? Books: Print and Text-based Art Forms, Strictly Formal (a sculpture course), Materials and Practices of Painting, Landscape Painting, Plein Aire landscape painting,  Light and Space, The Art of Invention, Words in the hand: An Introduction to Letterpress Printing, Mobile Works (a sculpture course), Redesign of the CCS Building, Figure Drawing,  The Psychedelic Landscape,  Photoshop for Painters, Themed Journals, Diaries and Artists Sketchbooks, and Independent Projects. Courses within the Art Department of the College of Letters and Science include Digital Media, Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Video, and Spoken Word.  In addition the History of Art and Architecture Department offers over 150 courses of interest to CCS art majors.
The UCSB Department of Art & College of Creative Studies also present The COLLOQUIUM in the Fall and Spring Quarters. The COLLOQUIUM offers a wide range of voices exploring the topics of contemporary art, theory, and cultural production by emerging and established visiting artists, as well as members of UCSB’s own distinguished Art faculty. All lectures are free and open to the public, held every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00pm in UCSB’s Embarcadero Hall IV. For specific information about shows, please check our news and events page
Students wishing to become professional artists are encouraged to consider CCS. For further information, please contact Dan Connally at