Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Program in the College of Creative Studies is ideal for students who are eager to get into the laboratory and start independent research projects. CCS students are encouraged to become involved in independent research early in their undergraduate careers, working alongside graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Students in this program can extend their study to a level of inquiry usually associated with graduate programs. Indeed, it is common for our undergraduate students to publish their work in leading scientific journals. The program aims to educate students for careers as professional researchers in chemistry and biochemistry. CCS seminar and laboratory courses are designed to prepare students for such work by enriching the basic courses offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

As with any worthwhile endeavor, research projects take time. The College of Creative Studies is uniquely organized to provide time for students to engage in independent research. The general education requirements in CCS are reduced and simplified so that students may stay focused on chemistry or biochemistry. Undergraduate students in CCS are allowed many of the same privileges given to graduate students such as extended add/drop deadlines and library due dates. CCS students are able to take any chemistry or biochemistry class, including graduate level courses without meeting the prerequisites. This flexibility enables students to experience science at a high level earlier on. In addition, summer research fellowships specifically for CCS students are available each year encouraging students to work full time over the summer months on their research project.
Graduates of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program in CCS typically attend top ranking graduate or professional schools upon completion of their degree. Faculty at UCSB recognize CCS students as some of the best students on campus and are enthusiastic to have them work in their research groups. 
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