CCS TV Musical

Even Greater Britain: A Musical

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a collaborative project with original book, lyrics and music conceived and written by students in the College of Creative Studies

April 9, 10, and 11, 2015 @ 8 PM

Old Little Theater, UCSB (Building 494)

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General Admission Tickets:  $10 ($5 for students)

For reservations, call (805) 893-4146 or purchase at the door.

Prince Charles Brave, heir to throne of Even Greater Britain, has no idea how to be a king. Fate would have it, then, that his mother, the Goddess Queen, has just announced she will be ascending to the heavens - or going to Fiji, it's a bit unclear. Either way, whether he likes it or not, Charles is suddenly going to have to deal with an island nation with zero natural resources and a pro-democracy royal counselor who wants to overthrow the monarchy. Luckily, Charles will have help from his Olympian speed-walking girlfriend, a Trinidadian reggae star and an Illusionist who knows the secrets the island holds. So grab your passport and plan a trip to Even Greater Britain to learn about the prince and his fate! There will be feasts, cassowaries, sock puppets and more in this musical spectacular, which marks the the 5th iteration of the CCS TV Musical Project. 

Starring ARTHUR WU

Directed by GERRY HANSEN

Technical Direction by TIM WOOD

Musical Direction by JEREMY HALADYNA

Executive Producer