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An Explorer’s CCS Adventure

Kenny Broad’s journey from a BA in CCS Literature (’89) to a PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University to joining Miami University’s faculty and becoming National Geographic’s 2011 Explorer of the Year is anything but ordinary. While he is now a world-renowned cave diver, he joined CCS while still searching to find his place at UCSB. His passion for academia stemmed from the exceptional learning experience CCS offers all of its students.

Our Survey Says

Results from the College of Creative Studies’ Spring 2016 Alumni Survey

Ever wonder what CCS alumni do post-graduation? Well now you can find out! Last spring the College of Creative Studies conducted an alumni survey to learn more about its alumni base. Alumni were asked about their time as students in the College and their accomplishments in their post-grad life. The survey included multiple choice, scale, and short answer questions. Respondents were not required to answer every question.

The Other Side of Ömer Eğecioğlu

Ömer Eğecioğlu, a native of Turkey, joined the UCSB faculty in 1985. Since founding the College of Creative Studies’ Computer Science  program in 1994, he has split his time between both the Computer Science department and CCS. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Following his move stateside in 1978 to attend graduate school at the University of Minnesota for Computer Science and Mathematics, Ömer ventured to California and earned a PhD from UCSD in Mathematics in 1984. 

We were able to sit down with him to learn about his experiences with CCS and the musical side of him that many – if not most – of his students and colleagues probably do not know.