CCS Appoints Associate Dean, Dr. Leroy Laverman

The College of Creative Studies is happy to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Leroy Laverman to the position of Associate Dean. Dr. Laverman has been a part of the UCSB community since 1994 when he entered as a Chemistry graduate student. After earning his Ph.D. in 1999, Dr. Laverman began teaching in UCSB’s Chemistry Department. Three years later, he began splitting his time between CCS and the Chemistry Department. In addition to teaching and advising students, he has served as the CCS’ Faculty Executive Committee Chair for many years. This has given him remarkable insight into the hands-on intellectual academic experience the College offers.

“I have worked with and known Leroy for a long time,” said CCS Interim Dean, Kathy Foltz. “He always has helpful recommendations when advising students and contributes positively to the college as a whole. He is perfect for the position because he is fair minded and knows what it means to be an educator at a tier 1 research institution with a passion for involving undergraduate students in research.”

Dr. Laverman’s primary role as Associate Dean will be to handle specific administrative aspects of the college. He is also planning to work on a proposal to provide scholarships and support for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students from under-represented backgrounds.

Outside CCS, Dr. Laverman was awarded funding by the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation to develop the manuals for the UCSB’s upper division Chemistry labs. Additionally, Dr. Laverman coauthored the sixth and seventh editions of the general chemistry textbook, Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight and designed the book’s cover art and many of its illustrations. The book explores new ways of conveying knowledge to students that focuses on the real world, instead of the abstract. He and his coauthors will begin the writing process for the eighth edition later this year.

Dr. Laverman (left) with his coauthors Loretta Jones (center) and Peter Atkins (right)

Dr. Laverman is an avid photographer. Although he mainly focuses on nature, every year he volunteers to take portraits of students for CCS and the Chemistry Department. In his free time, he enjoys bowling; his high score of 279 is one pin short of a perfect game.

Dr. Laverman’s experience in CCS, as well as his knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the campus, makes him an excellent fit for the position of Associate Dean. 

An egret at the UCSB lagoon, credit Dr. Laverman