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Monday, April 20
The Unanswered Question, featuring the UCSB Symphony Orchestra, Richard Rintoul, conductor, and the UCSB Percussion and Jazz Ensembles, Jon Nathan, director. info
Tuesday, April 21
Music for Spaces, composed by Ron Sedgwick, lighting design by Mark Somerfield. infoBe a part of Music for Spaces!
Wednesday, April 22
UCSB’s Ensemble for Contemporary Music, Jeremy Haladyna, director, in Redolent of Seasons and of Hours. info
Thursday, April 23
Electro-acoustic music from the CREATE studios, featuring special guest David Wessel. info
Friday, April 24
Media Garden: a media art exhibition and performance, curated by Salman Bahkt. info

In the Spirit of Henry B.

Even while retired to Santa Barbara, Henry Brant generously gave of his time and energies towards the enrichment of UCSB’s musical life. In guest residencies, special lectures, and unique performances with UCSB musical ensembles (including a memorable 1980s musical “takeover” of the UCen), Henry forever stamped UCSB — and Santa Barbara — with his protean musical presence. Yet a kindlier, gentler, more approachable advocate for musical progress, and the final reconciliation of music to architectural space, could hardly be found.

— Jeremy Haladyna
Co-Chair, Primavera Festival Organizing Committee
Director, Ensemble for Contemporary Music

More information: Henry Brant biography