An important aspect of the Creative Studies program is the consistent, one-on-one faculty advising and mentorship that each student receives.  In addition to being one of the benefits of CCS students, quarterly advising is also a College requirement.  All students enrolled in the College are required to meet with their assigned faculty adviser each quarter to discuss their academic programs and to get approval of their proposed courses of study for the following quarter.  It is your responsibility to contact your adviser each quarter. If you have any questions about this process, please see Sara Sterphone (

Quarterly Advising Requirements and Procedures

Students are responsible for making an appointment with their faculty advisers before the registration deadline for the following quarter (during the fifth or sixth week of the current quarter), to review their planned course of study for the next quarter.  Students must fill out a quarterly Advising Checkslip (yellow half-sheet) with their planned study loads for the next quarter, obtain their adviser’s signature on the form, and return it to the CCS office to be checked-off for advising for the quarter.  Advising Checkslips can be found on the inside of the door to the Student Lounge, in the main office, and will also be attached as a PDF to the email students will receive reminding of the deadline.

Registration Blocks

Students who are not cleared for advising each quarter will ultimately have their registration blocked by the College.  Students who fail to contact and meet with their advisers and turn in the signed advising slip to be checked-off for advising by the date noted (usually the end of Pass 1 for the coming quarter) will have their registration blocked.  This registration block will only be removed upon submission of any past-due advising checkslips.