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Into the Teeth of the Wind

Into the Teeth of the Wind

Into the Teeth of the Wind is a poetry review sponsored by the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We are a student-run review that is dedicated to publishing quality poetry in all of its various manifestations, from the strictly formal to the exotically eclectic.

We have published poems by some of the Central Coast’s preeminent poets, including San Luis Obispo poet-laureate Glenna Luschei, Santa Barbara poet Perie Longo, and UCSB’s own Barry Spacks and John Ridland. Our premiere issue in 1999 also featured works by New Zealand poet Panni Palasti.

the cover of Volume IV, Issue 1

The Manoeuvre

I saw the two starlings
coming in toward the wires.
But at the last,
just before alighting, they

turned in the air together
and landed backwards!
that's what got me – to
face into the wind's teeth.

William Carlos Williams

the cover of Volume VI, Issue 1

The 2010-2011 staff consists of Alison Green, Liz Powers, Michael Lopez and Sean Mabry. The review was founded by Brian E. Langston; past editors include Anne Miszklevitz, Amber Wallace, Lara Bradshaw, Rim Vilgalys, Lisa Asanuma, Amy Arani, Jordan Young, and Torrie Ogilvie.

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