2023 Research and Creative Activities Conference (RACA-CON)

CCS is pleased to announce the seventh annual CCS Research & Creative Activities Conference (RACA-CON) on Saturday, November 4th, 2023 during the UCSB Parents & Family Weekend. Location TBD. RACA-CON brings together the CCS community to learn about the remarkable work being conducted by students across all CCS majors.

Apply to Present 

Applications to present a short talk, poster or both at the 2023 RACA-CON are now OPEN. Please note that faculty approval is needed to complete the application. Completed applications, including faculty approval, must be submitted no later than October 6, 2023. ​​All CCS students involved in creative activities or research are encouraged to apply.


This includes research talks, readings of works, musical performances, etc. While the exact duration of each presentation is yet to be determined, we anticipate they will fall within the 5-7 minute range. Please note that there may be a brief Q&A session following each presentation. The program will be designed to create a balance across majors.


Posters can include research posters, original artwork, etc. Standard poster size is 24” x 36” or 48” x 36” though all work that fits within an approximate 4x4 ft area is acceptable. For work that does not fit these dimensions (e.g. larger 2D, or 3D, or video works), or for work that cannot be mounted using push pins, please email raca-con@ccs.ucsb.edu by October 6.

Note: CCS is planning to collect posters after the event for potential display in the CCS building. To request an exception, please email create@ccs.usb.edu.

PHOTO POLICY: This event will be photographed and/or recorded. By attending, you agree and grant irrevocable permission to have your likeness, image, voice, and appearance photographed and recorded for any University business-related purpose and used as embodied in UC Regents Product[s] whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, slides, photographs, audiotapes or other media, now known or later developed, and to be included in various University marketing, outreach, or news campaigns.