September 19, 2017

A very warm welcome to all of our CCS students! We have 112 new students entering the College...

September 18, 2017

The College of Creative Studies offered talented undergraduates an opportunity to do advanced work in their fields while working on their undergraduate degrees. This enlightened approach to higher education has proven to offer invaluable help to many people who might otherwise simply have "marked time" during their undergraduate years or who might even have dropped out of college.

September 12, 2017

In its 2018 listing of the “Top 30 Public National Universities” in the country, U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara No. 8.

September 7, 2017

I write to express my deep concern for our students and family members who are affected by this decision.

August 21, 2017

I remember the great creative freedom that I felt as a student of writing; how I learned to absorb Shakespeare and Milton by paraphrasing passages of famous poems in Robyn Bell's classes, and how I discovered a new kind of literary canon by studying writers from around the world throughout history.

July 5, 2017

It’s a mark on your skin you’ve never noticed before. It’s a spot with irregular borders, or a mole that seems to be changing.

June 19, 2017

Congratulations 2017 Graduates! A sample of quotes and pictures from the current graduation class about their time at CCS and UCSB.

June 13, 2017

UCSB's brightest students were honored Sunday at an exclusive graduation ceremony for the College of Creative Studies (CCS).

June 13, 2017

Two graduating seniors and one faculty member have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to undergraduate research at UC Santa Barbara.

June 12, 2017

Not sure what machine learning, artificial intelligence or natural language processing entails? CCS computing student Daniel Spokoyny can break it down for you.