The CCS Art Major is for self-motivated students who are committed to careers in the visual arts. 

The CCS Biology Major provides intensive study for students preparing for a career in research in the life sciences and associated fields.

The CCS Chemistry and Biochemistry Major is ideal for students who are eager to get into the laboratory to work on research projects.

The CCS Computing Major provides a small, tight-knit community of passionate, self-directed learners in the context of a major research university.

The CCS Marine Science Major is a new program designed to offer students the ability to pursue an education that spans multiple disciplines in marine science while simultaneously building the skills and confidence to conduct marine research.

The CCS Mathematics Major provides a rigorous education in Mathematics to highly motivated, self-directed students.

The CCS Music Composition Major is geared toward preparing students for graduate school or for careers as professional composers.

The CCS Physics Major helps self-motivated students develop a wide and deep understanding of physics, preparing them for academic or professional careers in their area of interest or related fields.

The CCS Writing and Literature (W&L) Major is a unique, interdisciplinary undergraduate major that gives students the opportunity to study writing and literature through the integration of three forms of academic expertise: Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Writing Studies.