Sunday February 24, 2019 9:00am
Connect with other members of the CCS community. Click event title for details and to RSVP.
Monday February 25, 2019 7:00pm
A concert of original acoustic and electroacoustic music composed by Joseph Alderson, Will Brewer, Xenia Clement, Sophie Lacson, Ashley Petrie, Samantha Teemant, and Daniel Venegas.
Saturday March 16, 2019 9:00am
A perfect opportunity to engage with the CCS community. Details TBD. 
Friday April 26, 2019 3:00pm
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Saturday April 27, 2019 5:00pm
CCS Interim Dean Bruce Tiffney invites you to the CCS Social in Santa Barbara!
Saturday June 08, 2019 3:00pm
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Sunday June 09, 2019 11:00am
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