Supplemental Application Materials (Portfolio)

Submitting your portfolio online: Please upload two files: an image list with the image number, title, date, medium and dimensions, (Word or pdf file), and a second file with images of 15-20 works COMPILED INTO ONE FILE. Save images as good quality jpegs, 150-300 dpi or higher, then compile all and convert to one pdf.  Images in the final pdf should be between 1/2 page and 1 full page in size each.  Please number each image to correspond to the image list. Please review your compiled portfolio to ensure images are all of a similar size before uploading. If appropriate, you may submit a supplemental video tour of your work in addition to the compiled portfolio. Work submitted should emphasize your ability in painting, sculpture, or book arts. You may wish to ask assistance from a teacher, counselor, or another individual with an objective and well-trained eye, to help you to select your best work. 

Letter of Intent

Write a letter to the attention of the CCS Art faculty, stating your academic interests, your reasons for wanting to study at CCS, and your background in Art. In addition, please describe any aspects of your personal background, accomplishments, or experiences with diversity that you feel are important in evaluating your application. This letter is separate from the essay required in the UC application. Please save and upload this letter as a PDF in order to avoid formatting distortions.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are optional for CCS Art. If you wish, please list persons well-acquainted with your academic background and your ability in Art on the CCS Application. The CCS Online Application form will ask for your recommenders’ email addresses and will send them a prompt with a link.  This link will direct recommenders to instructions for uploading letters. We suggest notifying recommenders ahead of time that they should be expecting an email with instructions to upload their letter.  Please request that letters are saved and uploaded as a PDF in order to avoid formatting distortions.


In addition to the copies you send to the UCSB Office of Admissions, there is a section on the CCS Online Application where you must upload copies of your transcripts from every high school and college you have attended. Transcripts do not need to be official, so a scan or a picture of your transcripts may be uploaded (jpeg or PDF). If you are currently enrolled at UCSB, please submit a copy of your course history, which you can obtain using a screenshot from GOLD.  It is your responsibility to ensure that attachments uploaded to your application are clear and legible.