Mariah Miller

Mariah has been developing an international perspective on the modern world through personal experience since she traveled from the USA to the Soviet Union at the age of ten.  As an adult, she has traveled extensively, including working in China for two years and in Spain for eight.  In addition, Mariah completed higher level studies in history, global studies and corporate finance and law in universities in the USA, Germany, South Africa, India and Spain. She studied with excellent professors from many countries at these leading institutions, which has given her a deep understanding of the process of globalization from different points of view. In addition to her native language, English, she also speaks fluent Spanish, advanced Chinese, and basic German and Catalan.

Mariah has extensive experience with corporate governance and responsible investment having worked for two European proxy voting advisories, Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (PIRC) and the Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS).  Most recently at PIRC, she was Corporate Governance Executive with responsibility for managing the European, Asian and Global report services and developing PIRC’s international shareholder voting guidelines.  Following this, for the past two years, she has been a researcher for ECGS providing analysis of the FTSE 100 and IBEX 35 and an independent consultant.

Mariah has also been a professor at Global Business School Barcelona (GBS), ESERP Business School and the Toulouse Business School. She has taught courses and seminars on international business and society, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and intercultural management.  She was selected as professor of the year at GBS in 2016 for her dedication to the school and the students. 

Mariah has won the following scholarship awards: National Merit Scholarship, ESADE Talent Scholarship, and the Lyman Fund Award.  She is currently honored to be a recipient of the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship at UCSB.