TV Musical

2018 TV Musical Dates

  • April 6
  • April 7
  • April 8

During the 2017-2018 academic year, students will create the sixth all-original CCS Musical, again for television, following on successful efforts in 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2015. The CCS TV Musical is a musical theater laboratory/think-tank within the confines of CCS! It begins in the fall with students giving birth to a hot concept, fanning its first febrile sparks. Each student spends two quarters of feverish work refining it in the crucible. The musical is displayed to the University community in early spring and is taped by UCSB Video Services, produced for UCTV, and streamed from UC's national TV channel anytime, anywhere! The "CCS Musical’s Creative Team" will engage CCS writers and composers as lyricists as well as tunesmiths, discovering how lyrics and tunes weave inextricably together in this special art form.

Previous TV Musicals

Even Greater Britain 

This musical spectacular was the the 5th iteration of UCSB’s College of Creative Studies Musical Project. Prince Charles Brave, heir to throne of Even Greater Britain, has no idea how to be a king. Fate would have it, then, that his mother, the Goddess Queen, has just announced she will be ascending to the heavens - or going to Fiji, it's a bit unclear. Either way, whether he likes it or not, Charles is suddenly going to have to deal with an island nation with zero natural resources and a pro-democracy royal counselor who wants to overthrow the monarchy. Luckily, Charles will have help from his Olympian speed-walking girlfriend, a Trinidadian reggae star and an Illusionist who knows the secrets the island holds. So grab your passport and plan a trip to Even Greater Britain to learn about the prince and his fate! Recorded on 04.12.2015.

A Day in the life of Dr. Daphne 

Welcome to a day in the life of Dr. Daphne, an intelligent but ill-equipped psychiatrist struggling to assert herself in a neglected mental institution. With only a micro-managing boss, a well-meaning but slightly clueless security guard, and a cast of rebellious patients as her day-to-day companions, it can be a lonely existence for our stressed-out shrink. 

CCS music composition faculty Jeremy Haladyna, for many years a broadcaster and radio producer well-versed in techniques for media writing, will tie evolution of the book tightly to songwriting efforts. The cast will be selected at the onset of Winter Quarter in auditioning on roles, singing and reading "sides" authored by the class.

From the script and musical scores to the set and costumes, the CCS Musical is completely put together by CCS students. In the Fall, the “Creative Team” focuses on writing lyrics and dialogue. Then, in the Winter, they will then proceed to build sets, develop the lighting plot, plan costume design, and much more!

If you have questions about the CCS Musical, please contact Jeremy Haladyna at