The CCS Computing Major provides a small, tight-knit community of passionate, self-directed learners in the context of a major research university. The program provides well-prepared students an accelerated path through the lower division curriculum so that they can move quickly into advanced courses offered both in the CCS and the College of Engineering’s Computer Science (CS) Department, which is one of the highest ranked CS departments in the nation. The goal: early involvement of students in research and creative activity.

The advanced courses provide both the depth and breadth necessary for admission to graduate-level research programs, as well as skills needed for direct entry into the computing workforce on graduation.

Some students receive funding from CCS to support their research or creative activities through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and/or the Traveling Undergraduate Research Fund.


CCS Computing students start their studies by following an accelerated curriculum covering the mathematical foundations of Computing and programming techniques. This background paves the way to upper-division courses covering preparatory material for diverse specializations.

For a full list of requirements, please download the major sheet on the right of the page.  

BS/MS Degree Program

CCS, in conjunction with the Computer Science Department in the College of Engineering, offers a five-year BS/MS program for qualified students. Students interested in pursuing the BS/MS track should consult with their faculty advisor and the CS graduate advisor. Candidates should plan their curriculum accordingly before they apply during their Junior year.

Research Areas 

  • Computer Architecture
  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Computing Education and Diversity
  • Database and Information Systems
  • Foundations and Algorithms
  • Intelligent and Interactive Systems
  • Networking
  • Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Security