June 29, 2020

Greider, an advocate for diversity in science, will teach and conduct research at UC Santa Cruz, effective October 2020

June 26, 2020

Tervalon publishes Jervey Tervalon jumps out of COVID quarantine for Black Lives Matter in the Los Angeles Times

June 26, 2020

Students receive recognition for their achievements and support for conducting research

June 22, 2020

Fellowships support mentoring and research in writing to selected undergraduates

June 16, 2020

Ellen’s first book is a memoir about ballet and violence against women

June 15, 2020

Youssef Sibih (CCS Biology ‘20), Michaela Bostwick (CCS Biology & L&S Biopsychology ‘22), Kailyn Kausen (CCS Writing & Literature ‘20) and Komal Surani (CCS Writing & Literature ‘20) become co-authors of academic publications

June 5, 2020

Brown continues to write while teaching her first CCS course on Fiction

June 4, 2020

UCSB students create Covid-19 videos from basic science to false facts to wellness and mental health and student resources 

June 4, 2020

This message was sent to CCS Students and Faculty on June 4, 2020.

June 3, 2020

 Students learn how to develop solutions that adapted to a rapidly changing landscape