The CCS Mathematics Major provides a rigorous education in mathematics to highly motivated, self-directed students. The small class sizes, the close student-faculty interaction, and the flexibility of the program create an environment in which students can develop high-level abilities in mathematics and become well prepared for careers in academia or industry. The program provides students with a flexible plan of study, giving them the opportunity to tailor an individualized program according to their interests.

The students are encouraged to take advantage of the many summer research opportunities and internships available in the Mathematics Department and other institutions. Some students receive funding from CCS to support their research or creative activities through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and/or the Traveling Undergraduate Research Fund.


Students take their core first year courses as well as some second year courses in CCS, and then complete all upper-division courses within the Mathematics Department. The CCS sequences give students a thorough introduction to basic mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving, communication, and collaboration. In consultation with their faculty advisor, students may have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses as early as appropriate.   

The skills and abilities learned in CCS courses enable students to pursue original mathematical activities, often making significant contributions during their undergraduate careers. This work culminates in a senior capstone project, prepared prior to graduation.

BS/MS Degree Program

CCS, in conjunction with the Mathematics Department in the College of Letters and Science, offers a BS/MS program for qualified students. Students interested in pursuing the BS/MS track should consult with their CCS faculty advisor. Candidates should plan their curriculum accordingly before they apply.