Just Another Day with Parasites

March 20, 2019

Armand Kuris, EEMB and CCS Biology, interviewed about the parasitology of the recently beached illusive hoodwinker sunfish

Hoodwinker fish, photo by Thomas Turner
Hoodwinker fish, photo by Thomas Turner

On February 19th, a seven foot long, 2,000 pound hoodwinker sunfish was found beached just minutes from campus at Coal Oil Point Preserve in Santa Barbara. Professor Armand Kuris and UCSB PhD student Dana Morten were interviewed by KEYT about the fish. They are studying parasites in the hoodwinker’s intestines, likely caused by jellyfish consumption. CCS biology students Alistair Dobson, Yanelyn Perez, and Veronica Torres are also involved in the research.

Watch the video and read the article on KEYT.