Meet Daniel Boctor (CCS Biology '17)

April 23, 2019

Daniel Boctor (CCS Biology ’17) encourages students to cherish what they have at CCS

Daniel Boctor
Daniel Boctor

College of Creative Studies: How has CCS impacted your life?

Daniel Boctor: I moved from my childhood home in Cairo, Egypt straight to UCSB for college, to a city I had never seen and with a culture I had only experienced in movies. The adjustment was difficult both due to the cultural change and the increased academic requirements of university life. CCS helped me tackle both obstacles; it gave me a family to support me throughout my path and an expert faculty mentor to guide my career. Moreover, CCS helped me tailor my education towards my interests in order to enhance my strengths without being subject to a standardized “one size fits all” education.

CCS: Why did you choose to come to CCS? How did you find out about the College?

DB: I only heard about CCS once I matriculated at UCSB and was encouraged to apply in order to enhance my education in a way I can control, one that celebrates independence and personalized mentorship. I chose CCS after reading of its great support system, its heavy research emphasis, and the freedom it grants its students.  

CCS: Who was your favorite professor while at CCS?

DB: This will be a very popular answer: Dr. Kathy Foltz. She saw something in me I had not even seen in myself and I am forever grateful for meeting her. She has a way of teaching that empowers the student and, at the same time, increases the will to learn. Most importantly, she teaches by example and embodies all the values CCS offers. I continue to remember her teachings in medical school in order to become a better physician and patient advocate. I firmly believe I would not be where I am without her support, guidance and teaching.

CCS: Where and what did you study as a graduate student? How did your CCS education help you excel as a graduate student?

DB: I am currently in Medical School at Rush Medical College in Chicago. CCS prepared me tremendously for a career in medicine, one that requires independence, initiative and a hunger to keep learning. These three attributes are ingrained in every student throughout the four years of education at CCS.

CCS: What advice would you give to current and future CCS students?

DB: CCS is a gift and a privilege and you will really realize how fortunate you are once you graduate and experience the fruit of your education. Get to know as many of the wonderful people that make up CCS, the staff, the mentors, the professors, the students. Each person has a wealth of knowledge you can learn from. Enjoy it! You are part of an incredible family that will support you no matter what and will give you a world-class education.