Sara Sterphone Receives Margaret T. Getman Service Award Posthumously

May 26, 2021
This message was sent to the CCS Community on May 26, 2021 by CCS Dean Gerardo Aldana
Dear CCS Community,
It is my distinct honor to inform you that Sara Sterphone has been awarded the Margaret T. Getman Service to Students Award. Sara's nomination was formally submitted by four of you, from our own CCS community. 
My deepest appreciation to those who worked to support Sara's very well-deserved recognition. With their permission, I include the following quotes from their nomination letters.
Sara is truly a person who does such excellent work that those around her can’t help but be excellent as well. She pulls everyone up and, particularly in her position, keeps everyone focused on the students. She is a student advocate, a seeker of inclusion and equity for students, and in all ways, has approached her position as one of humble service with the goal of student success. 
- Kathy Foltz, Biology faculty
Something that was unique to Sara was that I never felt ashamed for being vulnerable in front of her; in fact, she always reminded me that I was human... For myself and numerous others, she made the CCS experience all the more enjoyable and enlightening. It all started when you first entered the CCS building and she would say with a big smile, “Welcome to CCS.”
- Emily Lopez, Math '22
Sara makes everyone she comes into contact with feel like they are the center of her attention with every interaction... During her time at CCS, she caringly greeted every student who crossed her path with familiarity, an incredible sense of humor, and an infectious laugh. She made an extra effort to engage shy or vulnerable students.
- John Latto, Biology faculty
She encouraged students who struggled, reassured them of their worth as human beings, and celebrated their triumphs over adversity... Students considered her just as much a part of their college experience as the classes they took and the research they did. She was a leader, a confidant, and a friend. By all accounts, she made being a part of the College a joy.
- Savannah Parison, CCS Staff
We will be making updates to Sara's page on our website to share the nomination letters in their entirety, as well as the video that will play at the awards ceremony next Thursday at 10.
The campus announcement is here:

Margaret T. Getman and William J. Villa Service to Students Awards Ceremony  

In honor of the former UCSB Dean of Student Residents, Margaret T. Getman, and the former Director of Admissions, William J. Villa, these annual awards recognize university staff, faculty, and departments that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the general growth and development of students and the quality of student life. This year’s recipients are:  


Margaret T. Getman Recipients:

Jennifer Ja Birchim

University & Community Housing Services

Kate McDonald


Robby Nadler

Graduate Division and Writing Program

Malaphone Phommasa

Office of Undergraduate Education

Holly Roose

Enrollment Services

Sara Sterphone

Office of the Registrar

Awarded Posthumously

Sharon Tettegah

Black Studies/Center for Black Studies Research


William J. Villa Recipients:



HDAE COVID Support Team