Works by CCS Writing & Literature Faculty Michelle Petty Featured in Elevation Review and Anacapa Review

December 13, 2023

Michelle Petty’s poetry on self-transformation and self-discovery published in two notable literary magazines

Faculty Michelle Petty (CCS Writing & Literature)
Faculty Michelle Petty (CCS Writing & Literature)

This past year, Michelle Petty (CCS Writing & Literature) enriched the literary landscape with three pieces published in two notable literary magazines––Anacapa Review and Elevation Review.

“[These poems] were written during the pandemic, a season of great personal change for me. Poetry became about the beauty in honesty, in imperfection, in being unwell, and in recovering a vaster sense of self along the way.”

––Michelle Petty (CCS Writing & Literature) 

Professor Petty’s work in The Elevation Review’s issue “Black as the Ocean” offers a profound perspective on the Black experience in “Tree Roots and Make Believe” and illustrates a reclaiming of her power as a celestial body in “Stardust”. The publication’s Fall 2023 issue paid tribute to poets of color by providing a platform for powerful voices to shine and serving as a testament to the enduring influence of Black literary artists.

In addition, Professor Petty graces the pages of The Anacapa Review with “How it was” –– an introspective piece on navigating the daily complexities of motherhood, mental health, and a career over a period of transformation. Through raw imagery and honest reflections, "How it was" weaves together moments of vulnerability and wonder. 

CCS congratulates Professor Petty on this remarkable accomplishment!