Today is UCSB Give Day!

April 11, 2024

Support CCS Students to Connect and Foster a Sense of Belonging!

UCSB Give Day 2024
UCSB Give Day 2024

On UCSB Give Day, you can make a significant impact in cultivating a sense of community and belonging at the heart of CCS. Join us in amplifying the ethos of CCS by making a gift to support meaningful connections through unique student activities and engaging opportunities.

On April 11, visit the CCS Give Day page to make a gift and help us reach our goal of 55 gifts! Three CCS donors have committed to make $1,000, $3,500, and $10,000 gifts, respectively, to CCS if we meet our goal of 55 gifts this year! 

Want to help us promote CCS and bring awareness to UCSB Give Day? Sign up to be an Ambassador. 

Missed last year’s UCSB Give Day? Read this CCS article to experience the excitement and learn how CCS surpassed its goal of 50 gifts thanks to the amazing support of alumni, families, faculty, staff, and friends! 

Learn more about UCSB Give Day on April 11, 2024.