Art of Quantum Poster

Art of Quantum

Sunday August 29, 2021 12:00am

The Eddleman Center for Quantum Innovation (ECQI) at UCSB invites you to participate in the new Art of Quantum Competition! The ECQI recognizes the value of engaging the general public in learning about quantum technologies such as quantum information processing, quantum sensing, quantum simulation, quantum communication, and quantum networking. To make these quantum technologies more accessible, visible, and intriguing for all, the ECQI community created the Art of Quantum. 

This competition invites quantum scientists and engineers in the United States to share the beauty they see in quantum research, the creativity that goes into experiments, and the emotions of discovery. Through artistic images and captions, we hope that our viewers are visually drawn in, then motivated to stay and learn about fundamental physics concepts and exciting future technologies that will shape our world. Details can be found at

Submissions due: August 29
Public Voting: August 31 - September 14 Awards Announced: September 17