College of Creative Studies Virtual Open House


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Welcome to the College of Creative Studies! CCS is the smallest college at UC Santa Barbara with around 450 students. CCS is a place for motivated undergraduates with a radical curiosity for one of the college’s eight fields of study: artbiologychemistry and biochemistrycomputingmusic compositionmathphysics, and writing and literature. It is a small community of committed undergraduates and faculty set within a major research university. 

Students in CCS start taking specialized classes right away and enjoy considerable flexibility in shaping their curriculum. This independent approach is balanced with close mentorship from faculty advisors, who treat students as junior colleagues. Whether it is producing creative work or conducting original research, students are inspired and empowered to make significant contributions to their field by creating new knowledge. Undergraduates in CCS aren’t just students, they are artists, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, mathematicians, composers, physicists, and writers.


Virtual Building Tour

Founded in 1967, the College was originally housed in a Marine barracks building next to the library, a relic of WWII when the seaside campus was a military base. The College moved to its present site, still a former Marine barrack, but a larger one, in 1975. 

The building not only has classrooms used by all eight majors, but also houses an Art Gallery, art studios, a print shop, a computer lab, study spaces, and a student lounge. Attached to the main CCS building is the Old Little Theater (OLT), which hosts music performances by CCS Music Composition students as well as a variety of guest speakers. Past visitors to the OLT include Neil Gaiman, Joy Harjo, and Bill Bryson.

Student and Faculty Panels

Learn more about each of CCS' eight majors by watching panels of current students, faculty, and staff. In each panel, the panelists talk about their experiences at the College and answer questions about CCS and their major.

CCS College Panel

Get your questions answered about the College of Creative Studies and its unique opportunities and requirements. Hosted by CCS staff advisors, Prof. Claudia Tyler (Biology) and CCS student peer advisors.


CCS Student Life Panel

What is it like to be a person at CCS? Sure, you’re a student, but you are so much more than your major! We hope that this panel will help answer your questions about the quality of life for CCS students and the importance of our community.

CCS Art and Music Composition Panel

CCS Biology Panel

CCS Chemistry & Biochemistry Panel

CCS Computing Panel

CCS Mathematics and Computing Panel

CCS Physics Panel

CCS Writing & Literature Panel