Sara Sterphone Memorial Fund - Student Use Proposals

The Sara Sterphone Memorial Fund is comprised of gifts from friends, family, and the CCS Community in honor of Sara's incredible impact on the College in her seven years as its Lead Advisor. Sara was a champion of student-led initiatives, and she empowered students to identify ways in which the College's close-knit student body could be better served. This included everything from a weekly CCS Coffee Hour full of snacks and laughter to encouraging students to improve the CCS Student Lounge to fostering leadership with CCS Community Council.

Students can submit applications to use the Sara Sterphone Memorial Fund to support student-led events and initiatives. Fund proposals could include purchasing supplies to benefit the student experience (such as for the student lounge or study spaces) or buying food or supplies for social events. Additional ideas are welcome, please consult with the CCS Student Affairs Manager to discuss your potential proposal. 

Application Instructions

I. General Information

Proposals should aim for a budget under $200. Students who would like to propose larger budgets are encouraged to consult with the Student Affairs Manager on whether funds are available and to assess the suitability of the larger request. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received, with an eye on ensuring that the funds will be available throughout the year.

The Sara Sterphone Memorial Fund proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the CCS Dean, the Assistant Dean, the Student Affairs Manager, and the Development Associate.


II.    Proposal Recommendations

The following recommendations may be useful to consider before applying:

  • For applications concerning event planning, the CCS staff can provide guidance about campus restrictions on how to purchase food.
    • For example, UCSB funds are limited to how much can be spent on pizza.
  • When purchasing food or drink, all receipts must be kept for reimbursement. Afterwards, Marianne Morris ( | 805-894-4902) will process or help you process your reimbursement. 
    • When making purchases, please keep your CCS-related items on a separate receipt from any personal items.
    • If your proposal is approved, please contact Marianne for any details on what can be purchased and reimbursed.
  • If you are considering ordering non-perishable items or supplies, many items can be ordered more efficiently and at a lower cost directly by CCS staff. Please include descriptions of your items in the proposal or links to the products you have considered. We will be happy to assist you to use the funds to make these purchases directly.

Due to the time required to review applications and prepare the use of funds for event planning, we require proposals be submitted a minimum of three weeks before the intended event.


III.    How to Apply

Applicants should submit their official proposals using the Docusign form linked here.

If an optional secondary applicant or faculty advisor is involved in planning the use of these funds, please list them on the application process. A secondary person is not required in order to submit the application.