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Spectrum is an annual journal of art and literature published by UC Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies. Founded in 1957, it is the longest-standing literary magazine in the UC system. We frequently receive and accept submissions from several other distinguished universities outside of the UC system, such as Sarah Lawrence College and Cornell University. Over the years, Spectrum has published work by luminaries like Alex Ortolani, Jervey Tervalon, Chris Lauer, William Carlos Williams, and Raymond Carver.


Spectrum's submission period is currently open! Please read all of our submission guidelines before sending your work our way.​​

Submit us the work that will either take you to the top, or have people questioning your right to call yourself a writer. We want work so strange and undefinable that you don't know where to submit (except here, now that you've discovered us). We want work that woke you in the middle of the night and didn't release you back to your dreams until it was created.

We accept poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and photography, but don't be limited by these genres. If it can be printed in two dimensions, we will consider it for publication. A humorous instruction manual, the most quizzical to-do list of all time, lizard erotica - the wildest, high quality concepts you can think of are the things we want. Surprise us and our readers, make us question why we didn't think of something so maddeningly brilliant ourselves, make us go back and read your piece again to understand the masterful creation you presented us. ​​

Contributors whose work is accepted for publication will receive a free copy of the issue, so please include your mailing address and contact information. If your work is accepted for publication, Spectrum retains the first North American serial rights to publish, produce, reproduce, distribute, and market. All other remaining rights revert to the author upon publication. If your work is republished somewhere else, we ask that you credit Spectrum Literary Journal as the place of first publication.


Subscriptions are available for $10 per volume. Previous issues may be requested, but only while supplies last. To subscribe or order individual copies, please send your order to the College of Creative Studies. 

To subscribe or order individual copies, please send your order with your mailing address, plus a check made out to UC Regents, sent to:

Spectrum c/o College of Creative Studies

University of California

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6110