Celebrating 50 Years of the College of Creative Studies


The College of Creative Studies was established on the UC Santa Barbara campus in 1967 to serve students who demonstrated talent for original work in science or the arts. During the 2017-2018 academic year, we celebrated 50 years of creating new knowledge reflecting on how we have evolved over the years.

The success of CCS is due to a dedicated community of faculty, students, staff, parents, alumni, and friends. The CCS 50th Anniversary Honorary Council represents a microcosm of this community, responsible for making the College a unique place for unconventional learning and where radical curiosity is celebrated.



CCS hosted a variety of 50th Anniversary events throughout the 2017-2018 academic year to celebrate our golden anniversary.

The events included:

50 for 50

CCS was honored to showcase 50 individuals and activities during our 50th Anniversary to share our rich history and amazing people responsible for making our unconventional College possible!

Kathy Foltz
Kathy Foltz—CCS Interim Dean (2016-2018) and UCSB Professor of Molecular, Developmental, and Cellular Biology (1993-Current)—fell in love with science during her time as an undergraduate at Bowling Green State University. Foltz, a first-generation college graduate, credits her mentors with encouraging her to pursue a career in science. At UC Santa Barbara, she is dedicated to providing similar guidance to undergraduate and graduate students.
Carol Greider
In 2009, molecular biologist Carolyn “Carol” W. Greider (CCS Biology ‘83) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the enzyme telomerase and elucidating its role in protecting the ends of chromosomes. She is the only UCSB alumni Nobel Laureate to date.

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CCS Stories

Throughout our Anniversary celebration in 2017-2018, we posted stories from our past and present.

Some relationships have the facture of fate. Only later do we realize that we had been searching for some people for years before meeting them--the impact of our meeting having been so strong that it reverberated backward in time. In that way, I have felt the effects of meeting Harry and Sandra all my life.

Harry Reese was my neighbor on Sueño in Isla Vista.  One day we said hello to each other on campus by the UCSB Library, and I found out who he really was.  He invited me to take his class which I did.  I was a senior then, and that encounter gave me the focus I needed. I think it was 1979 or 1980. I was an Art Studio major with an emphasis in printmaking.