Celebrating 50 Years of the College of Creative Studies


Celebrate with us!

50th Anniversary Social

Reunite with your CCS classmates and favorite faculty members for an evening of celebration at everyone’s favorite marine barracks building (the CCS building). All alumni, students, faculty, staff, family and friends, current and former, are invited to the festivities.

The College of Creative Studies was established on the UC Santa Barbara campus in 1967 (yes, the summer of love) to serve students who demonstrated talent for original work in science or the arts. Join us in celebrating 50 years of creating new knowledge during the 2017-2018 academic year, reflecting on how we have evolved over the years.

The success of CCS is due to a dedicated community of faculty, students, staff, parents, alumni, and friends. The CCS 50th Anniversary Honorary Council represents a microcosm of this community, responsible for making the College a unique place for unconventional learning and where radical curiosity is celebrated.



CCS will be hosting a variety of 50th Anniversary events throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. Join us in celebrating CCS 50th Anniversary by attending our events, open to the public at no charge (unless noted otherwise). For more information, contact Will Proctor.


Transdisciplinary Workshop with MacArthur Fellow Angela Belcher (CCS  Biology ’91/PhD ’97), James Mason Crafts Professor of Biological Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT

  • October 4, 3:00 PM

Transdisciplinary Workshop with artist and writer William L. Fox, Director, Center for Art & Environment, Nevada Museum of Art

  • October 31-November 2

Research and Creative Activity Conference (RACA-CON) featuring CCS students

  • November 4, 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM 


Lecture and Dialogue on CCS Founder Marvin Mudrick by environmentalist, publisher, and author Karen Christensen (CCS Literature '81)

  • January 29, 5:00 PM

Exhibition on The Future Can Only Be Told in Reverse

  • Reception and Discussion: February 16, 4:00 PM 
  • Exhibition on view: February 14 - March 9 

A Viewing of City of Gold and a Conversation with Jonathan GoldAmerican Food Critic; Restaurant Critic, Los Angeles Times; the first food critic to win the Pulitzer Prize; he is showcased in 2015 documentary film City of Gold 

  • March 2, 5:00 PM 

CCS 50th Anniversary Celebration Reception in Los Angeles, graciously hosted by Amber Kaplan Sprague (CCS Biology '06) and Ben Sprague 

  • March 9, 5:30 PM

Translational Sports Biomedicine: From Bench to Bench by Dr. Christopher Proctor, Managing Partner at Alta Orthopaedics

  • March 12, 3:00 PM

50th Anniversary Celebration Brunch in San Jose

  • March 18, 9:00 AM


CCS TV Musical 

  • April 6-8, time TBD

Alumni Career Panel

  • April 27, time TBD

CCS 50th Anniversary Social

  • April 28, 5:00 PM  

50 for 50

CCS is honored to showcase 50 individuals and activities during our 50th Anniversary to share our rich history and amazing people responsible for making our unconventional College possible! Return regularly to learn more.

All the Art students were expected to be artists. "As students we were expected to be curious about something and go on and research it, whether that was something material, formal, or conceptual (usually all three)," said Adam. The mid-residency review at CCS gave him a sense of urgency and also a sense of real consequence if he slacked off.
Armand Kuris
A year after Professor Armand Kuris joined the Biology faculty at the College of Creative Studies in the late 1980s, all other Biology faculty had retired, and he was the major's only faculty member. This incident enabled this Zoologist to shape the Biology program into what it is today!
Gerald Edgar
I entered the College of Creative Studies in Fall of 1967, just as it opened.  The memories of my experience as a Mathematics student at the College may be altered by time, but let me tell you some of them.

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From an early age, Mark had two loves: mathematics and games. As he excelled through high school math, playing any game he could find along the way, he looked for a college that would challenge him academically

I had a series of remarkable classes in my freshman year of CCS Literature, including “Malaise, Melancholy and the Production of Art”, taught by Jacob Berman.